Saturday, March 19, 2011

Almost Spring 2011

Dang, how is it March already? I sort of forgot we even had a blog, so it's possible everyone else has forgotten, too...

Tomorrow marks the first day of Spring. I'm ready for winter to be over and am looking forward to outside activities that don't involve snow. In a perfect world, there would always be snow in the mountains and summer weather in the valleys! Since we don't live in a perfect world, I say bring on Spring! Although we have had a lot of fun in the snow this year, both snowboarding and otherwise:

There's no way to cover all that's happened since I last posted, but I'll try for a "Cliffs Notes" version:

After close to 20 years, Mark is once again working in Ogden. He's really loving the 20-minute commute. I still work in Sandy, but get to work from home two days a week, which makes up for the commute the three days I go into the office.

Braden is now a junior at the University of Utah, majoring in Computer Science. He is working at a Target in Salt Lake. Since he's living at home, he gets to commute to Salt Lake most days of the week. Luckily he's got a fun new car to drive, after saying goodbye to his totaled Civic.

Sam is a sophomore and got her driver's license a few weeks ago. Now that she's got her license, and all of her practice driving hours in, she's learning to drive a stick shift so she can drive the Accord. She's having fun taking ballet, jazz, and hip hop and wants to start looking for a job soon.

Sarah is in 5th grade and has been busy with choir, soccer, ballroom dancing, and karate. She'll be testing soon for her junior black belt.


Friday, May 14, 2010

Once again, it’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog. It seems like there are so many things going on that I just don’t get around to it like I should. So here's a quick-ish update:

We’ve had soccer season in full swing for the last seven or eight weeks, so our lives have been consumed with everything soccer. Sam has one game left, and since the team they'll be playing lost their Wednesday game, Sam's team will finish in first place. Yeah, Rampage!

Sarah’s team has struggled a little bit this season, but I’ve noticed a big change in how well Sarah and the girls on her team are playing. Sarah also participated in a karate tournament last month and took second place in one of her events. Good job Sarah! She’s always been somewhat reserved, so it’s nice to see her get out there and “battle” sometimes. She also just tested for her brown belt, so she’s excited to be moving up a belt ranking.

Braden just finished Spring Semester at WSU and has just a few classes to take this summer and fall, and then he’ll have his associate’s degree. His plan is to move to California with Lauren early next year to finish his Computer Science degree, while she finishes her degree. Lauren used to live in California, and they'll be driving there together in a couple of weeks to scope things out.

I’ve been at my new job for almost two months now. For the most part it’s been fine, but it’s been an adjustment for everyone in the family. But the kids have been awesome. Each of them has really stepped up and taken on new responsibilities, with Braden helping with Sarah’s school carpool and homework, Sam doing extra laundry and babysitting Sarah after school, and Sarah doing her homework and getting ready for soccer or karate or whatever without being reminded. I think the hardest thing for me is letting things go and having Mark and the kids take on some of the things I've done for years. It's not all bad, though, Mark's now doing the grocery shopping, which has always been my least favorite chore!

It’s been interesting and fun to work with Mark. We really don’t see each other much during the day, but it’s nice to eat lunch together and drive together on occasion. I'll be sad when he moves to a new contract.

Most importantly, we survived the entire snowboarding season without any broken bones! Sarah hurt her wrist at her soccer game last week, and when we got home I looked at it and said she was fine and probably just hit it hard. She said, “Darn, I really wanted to break something this year.”

Three weeks of school left for Sam and Sarah, and then it's summer vacation. Sam’s excited because we’re paying her to babysit Sarah while we’re at work. Sarah’s excited, too, because we’re giving her extra chores to do to earn a few extra dollars here and there. And I think everyone is ready for nice, warm weather and being outdoors. I know I’m ready to put away the sweaters and blankets, but we’re not quite there yet with this crazy Utah weather!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy 2010! Yeah, I know it's a little late.

I can't believe it's been over two months since I last updated our blog. What a slacker. Fall and early winter are a blur of holidays and birthdays, and I guess keeping the blog current isn't a priority - obviously. I'm almost always happy to see January go, and this year's been no different. It's a difficult month as far as loss goes, on both sides of our family, but I'm grateful for the many happy memories we'll always carry with us.

Another reason January is not my favorite is because the entire month is consumed by the dreaded Discovery Fair projects. This year Sarah decided to do her project on the Titanic, which didn't seem too difficult. That is until I got the paperwork and learned that in addition to the display board, she was required to do an annotated bibliography and process paper. Umm, yeah, most 10 years olds can complete those things by themselves. So, as usual, it turned into more of a "parent project" than a 4th grade project. Sarah did help, of course, but there's no way, at least in my opinion, that someone that age can put together such a big project without lots of help.

So, after weeks of research and preparation, she presented her project to her class and the judges. When we went to view the projects at the school after all of them had been judged, Sarah hadn't won a place to go on to district. Yes! No, that's not a typo, we were glad the whole thing was over.

Imagine my surprise and dismay when Sarah came home the next day and said the History Fair numbers and scores had been recalculated and she was now going to district. Oh, goody. Before you call Social Services on me for being a bad parent, I did pretend to be excited for her. If you still want to call Social Services be my guest; we could use a break.

As far as birthdays go, it's Mark's birthday on Thursday, and then we're done for eight months. Happy Birthday Mark! And I mean the happy part in more ways than one, because now he'll be 41 like me. I hate the three weeks of torture between birthdays when I'm officially older, and the reminders can be relentless at times. That's what I get for marrying a younger man, I guess.

We're still spending most Sundays snowboarding, and Sarah and I have been taking lessons this year. Mark signed us up, I think, so he, Braden, and Sam can hit the black runs without feeling guilty they're leaving us behind. Well, we showed them, because our instructor took us down a short black run yesterday, and we bombed it all the way down. Literally. On our bums. I think I got two or three turns in and then fell the rest of the way. Sarah didn't even try to carve, just skidded the whole thing because she was so scared. Then our instructor took us down to a natural halfpipe, which was pretty icy, and tried to teach us to do turns up and down the sides. I'm starting to think (yes, I'm a little slow) that maybe we're in the wrong class. Although, to his credit, our instructor did apologize for scaring (and maybe scarring?) us. We'll see what next week brings, 360s in the air, jumps, rails, back flips?!


Here's some of what Mark, Braden, and Sam do after they leave us to our lessons, although since Mark's the cameraman, he doesn't get a showing. (On the last video, you have to go forward to about 37 seconds because the camera was having issues). I love how, in the halfpipe clip, Sarah says to Sam, "Don't be too aggressive." A girl after my own heart. She knows how much I love taking care of people with broken bones, and even more so, the accompanying doctor visits and insurance paperwork.

video video video

Happy February!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Hittin' the Slopes

Snowbasin is officially open for the season, although most of the snow is man-made and a little icy. Mark and Braden went up for a few hours on Saturday, and we went up as a family on Sunday. It was fun and the weather was perfect, but today we're all whining about our aches and pains, bruises, and sore muscles. We're obviously out of snowboarding shape, but got through it with only a few falls each and no broken bones! So far so good.

In the car on the way there:

(This was taken before I told them to smile or we'd turn around and go home.)

(And this was taken after.) Sarah gets brownie points for being happy in both pics.

Suitin' up:

Braden and Sam before heading to the gondola. Braden hates having his picture taken, so he put on his face mask when he realized I was going to take one.

Sarah struggled a little bit because she's got a new board, boots, and bindings to get used to this year. I don't think there were any times she didn't plow into me as we got off the lift, which she's never had trouble with before. Ouch for both of us!


Other stuff:

Sarah catching snowflakes on her tongue in the backyard:

Braden recently bought a 1999 Honda Civic. We know we're doing our job as parents because he chose to buy a Honda on his own, without our input :) We don't allow any other make of cars at our house, so now we've got four Hondas cluttering up the garage and RV pad!

It was nice to spend Thanksgiving with family and have some time off from work and school to be together!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Birthdays and holidays

Each year, when the kids' birthdays roll around, I am reminded what a bad job we did planning their birth dates. It's like a big tornado of birthdays and then we're done. And then we're poor, too, since Christmas is a mere 10 days after Braden's birthday. For what it's worth, Sarah's birthday was supposed to be in the spring, which obviously didn't work out so well.

Happy 15th birthday Sam! One more year until she gets her license. One more year until she can date. I hope this year drags on and on and on.

Sarah's 4th grade Halloween party:

I helped with her party, and we decorated pumpkin-shaped Halloween cookies from Cutlers. Yummy. And messy.

They also played a game in which the kids were wrapped in toilet paper to look like mummies. Sarah's the mummy standing one from the right.

Nothing like a little violence to officially kiss Halloween goodbye:

I'm not sure how this tradition started, but each year the jack o'lanterns go outside for a little one-on-one time with the paintball gun. It was Sarah's first year shooting because she's always felt too bad for them in the past. Not this year. I think she liked shooting them a little too much.

Too bad the paint was orange...

Happy 10th birthday Sarah!

It was Sarah's year to have a friend birthday party, so she invited 12 of her friends to a "movie theater" party. We ate hot dogs and chips, drank soda, had cupcakes for dessert, and ate lots of candy and popcorn in between. Then they watched the latest Ice Age movie for about 15 minutes, until it was turned off in favor of screaming and dancing to loud music for the next one and a half hours.

Treats for the movie.

Table decor.

After opening presents.

The "movie theater."

Sam had surgery to expose her impacted tooth on the day of Sarah's party. We felt kind of bad, but it was really the only day we could fit Sarah's party in. Sam did really well and was even feeling good enough to have her upper ear pierced the next day. It was probably a good day, since she was already taking pain medication! Sarah got her ears pierced for the second time, after letting the holes close up a couple of years ago.

Braden and some of his camp friends drove to camp to spend the night and do some hiking. Unfortunately it snowed, and they spent quite a bit of time digging out. I'm not sure where the fun is in this, but I've never really understood camping in the first place.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


On Sunday, Mark and I went hiking at Snowbasin for a couple of hours. We'd gone up the previous Sunday to buy our season passes and found out this year the resort is including free summer passes with winter pass purchases, so we get to ride the gondola for free until the summer season ends.

It was supposed to be a family hike, but Sam wasn't feeling well, Braden had homework, and Sarah just didn't feel like it. The weather was perfect and it was nice to have some uninterrupted time to talk. We hiked up to the saddle overlooking the South Weber and HAFB areas, and then back down the Needles run. It was a little hazy but the view was awesome and the leaves have really changed since we were there last week.

It didn't seem overly strenuous at the time, but we've both been pretty sore for the last couple of days. We even skipped yesterday's regular walk and weight lifting (yep, Mark's got me doing that now, too!) hoping our muscles would feel better after a day's rest. Wishful thinking I guess. I really want to know why exercise hurts so much when it's supposed to be good for you? I'm really hoping new research comes out soon, saying, "Oops, sorry about this people, but exercise and eating fruits and veggies and whole grain stuff is actually bad for you. Please sleep late, and during waking hours take to the couch, watch a little TV, and eat calorie and fat-filled foods washed down with some non-diet soda. Sorry for the inconvenience."

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy 50th Anniversary!

Happy 50th Anniversary to Mom and Dad Edmunds!